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Welcome to Stocklick Trading

Stocklick Trading is a leading Australian manufacturer of custom wet and dry season livestock supplementation. Our custom made wet and dry season maintenance and production loose licks and molasses blends will give your cattle, sheep, goats and horses a competitive edge.

Stocklick Trading understands that no two properties, stock requirements or seasons are the same so why should your supplementation program be a one size fits all approach? Our qualified nutrionists will tailor make your supplements to meet the unique needs of your land, stock, season and desired outcomes ensuring that your supplementation program with Stocklick Trading is the most efficient it can be so you get more for less!

Contact us now for all of your stockfeed, loose lick, production feeds and molasses mixes.


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Calendar of Events

We love to get out and about at your local events. Check out these recent event photos.

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Stocklick Trading is proud to sponsor these upcoming events

Event Name Date
Oak Park  5-6 July 2019
Fitzroy Valley Rodeo  5-7 July 2019
Douglas Dale Campdraft  5-7 July 2019
Georgetown Rodeo  5-7 July 2019
Malanda  5-7 July 2019
Cloncurry Stockmans Challenge  10-14 July 2019
The Costello Yard Campdraft 12-14 July 2019
Einasleigh Campdraft 12-14 July 2019
Gold City Cutter 20-21 July 2019
Halls Creek Rodeo & Campdraft  25-28 July 2019