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High energy liquid supplements for all seasons.

Stocklick’s molasses based maintenance rations supply high energy supplements ideal for situations that require increased growth rates or survival rations in the hardest of dry seasons. These mixes are used to accelerate weight gain or reduce weight loss as energy and protein levels in pastures deteriorate beyond acceptable levels.

Stocklick’s molasses based production rations are designed for maximum growth and/or weight gain over shorter time frames. A viable alternative for finishing animals prior to market or ensuring maximum growth rates at and post weaning. Often described as “rocket fuel for cattle”, our customers often comment that strategic use of Stocklick molasses production mixes can reduce the time to reach target weights by six months or more. More user friendly than feedlotting and more cost effective than weaner pellets.

Typical Daily Intake: 1 to 2 kilograms/head/day

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Typical Analysis
Min Total Protein 27%
Urea Equivalent 8%
Min Phosphorus 0.3%
Min Calcium 0.8%
Min Sulphur 0.65%

stocklick molasses products

stocklick molasses products

stocklick molasses products