Liquid in Dry Lick

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Stocklick Trading utilises a Liquid in Dry Lick system where small quantities of molasses, oil or an emulsion of the two are injected into the dry lick mixer as the ingredients are being combined.

The small amount of liquid holds all of the ingredients in places resulting in less dust and separation which can occur during handling and transport with small particles working their way to the bottom leaving the ingredients stratified.

It also minimises lick flicking – the ability of some stock to sort their way through the granules and flick out those they don’t like; usually urea. The process also adds to the appearance, flow ability and ease of handling and helps minimise moisture absorption.

Both molasses and oil increase the energy content of the lick, with the molasses also increasing the palatability of the lick. They can be added either individually or in a combination to achieve different aims. For instance if a maintenance lick is being fed, the addition of molasses may encourage greater consumption which is undesirable and therefore oil would be used. On the other hand in a production ration or weaner feed, molasses being an attractant may help minimize the problem of shy feeders and the time taken for weaners to start consuming a ration. It may also reduce the number of fines left in the bottom of the trough.

liquid in dry lick

liquid in dry lick